Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

We could go into all of it, but to be honest, it’s a lot.

Let’s keep it simple: we’re here to help you understand how the decisions you make impact (or have impacted) your business. In short, Equinox’s services can be grouped into three main categories: accounting, tax, and strategy.


We’re your accounting team now.

Receipts. Bookkeeping. Profit & Loss statements. We’ll deal with the receipts while you deal with the Prius in your blindspot.

Listen to our mini-cast to learn how we can help with your accounting needs.


Pay what’s required but not a dime more.

No one enjoys paying taxes. We will ensure you take every deduction available to you as a small trucking company.

Check out our mini-cast to learn how we can help you understand your taxes.


Now for the fun part.

Owning a business can be really rewarding if you’re doing it right. If not, it can drive you insane. With Equinox as part of your team, we will ask the right questions and provide you with the tools to be successful and maximize your profitability.

Listen to CEO Colton Lawrence talk about the importance of working with the right team.


One of the things that I value the most about Equinox is that they make the running a business from the road much easier for us. Equinox has earned our trust. I couldn’t imagine being out here on road without the support that Equinox provides for our business.

Linda, a veteran owner-operator from Tennessee

Listen to our Client Conversation with Linda.

We first learned about Equinox during our orientation with Forward Air. We had just made the transition to become owner-operators, and we knew that we needed someone we could trust to handle our business needs. The Equinox team is always very responsive, especially when we have questions. Time and time again, Equinox has been there for us whenever we have needed them.

Jennie, an owner-operator contracted with Forward Air

Listen to our Client Conversation with Jennie.

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a consultation with an Equinox
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We’re here to help (if that isn’t already obvious).

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