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The Equinox Business Solutions Podcast was recently launched by the company as a platform to share expertise and perspective on tax, accounting and business advisory issues that matter most to owner-operators, independent contractors as well as those operating businesses within the trucking industry. Produced in conjunction with the PodWheels Network, the Equinox Business Solutions Podcast series will feature the considerable experience of our team at Equinox. You’ll hear the PodWheels Network covering a range of topics with Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence and other members of the Equinox Team.

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Considerations For Choosing a Business Entity

During this episode, Equinox Business Solutions President and CEO Colton Lawrence walks us through the types of business entities most often used by owner-operators and fleet owners in setting up their operations. Colton also addresses the key considerations that often play a role in these important decisions, including the following: What’s the most popular business entity that owner-operators and small fleet owners utilize? What should new owner-operators making the transition from company drivers consider? How do you weigh what will be the pluses and minuses for your particular situation?

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Valuable Tips For Anyone Looking at Becoming An Owner-Operator

In this podcast episode, Equinox Business Solutions President and CEO Colton Lawrence will be examining the numerous considerations that should be reviewed by anyone thinking about becoming an owner-operator within today’s trucking industry. The list of topics Colton will be covering includes looking at driving over the road vs. a local operation, determining the type of equipment to fit the work you’ll be doing as well as the key considerations when it comes to buying equipment vs. utilizing a lease-purchase. For those people looking to get into the trucking industry, Colton talks about trucking schools and driver training options, and he also walks through the considerations owner-operators should weigh when thinking about motor carrier authority. As part of business planning, Colton notes the considerations related to business entities, tax planning, managing expenses and building a solid team around your operation.

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A Look At How November’s Election Could Impact Trucking & Trucking Businesses

During this edition of the podcast, Equinox President & CEO Colton Lawrence makes a non-partisan trip into the political arena by examining how this November’s elections could potentially impact owner-operators, independent contractors and the trucking industry at large. PodWheels Executive Producer Greg Thompson interviewed Colton in late September, just prior to the first Presidential debate. Colton and Greg will be discussing election topics of interests for business owners in trucking as well as independent contractors within the trucking industry.

Features On The Impact of COVID-19 …

Government Issues Additional Guidance On Paycheck Protection Loans & Loan Forgiveness

Did your trucking business secure a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as part of the CARES Act that was signed into law in March? If your company was among the trucking businesses that was able to obtain a PPP loan, you will want to hear this edition of the Equinox Business Solutions Podcast. In May, the government provided some additional guidance regarding tax issues as well as loan forgiveness related to the PPP. Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence and his team have been closely tracking all topics related to the CARES Act. Colton connected with the PodWheels Network once again for this podcast, walking listeners through the most recent government guidance and what it means to owner-operators, independent contractors and all business owners in trucking. Also, in this edition of the podcast that was released on May 26, Colton discusses the most important business lessons that have been learned so far by owner-operators and independent contractors through the CARES Act and operating in the COVID-19 economy.

Examining The COVID-19 CARES Act & How It May Be Able to Help Owner-Ops, ICs & Small Trucking Businesses

The COVID-19 National Emergency has impacted our world, our nation and the trucking industry in a seemingly countless number of ways. As part of our dedication to service, Equinox Business Solutions is working to help owner-operators, independent contractors and small trucking business in your efforts to navigate these challenging times is by studying the financial assistance programs available from the government. Working with the PodWheels Network, Equinox Business Solutions is proud to share a podcast that looks at these programs from a trucking perspective. Produced and released on April 3, Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence provides insights on the COVID-19 CARES Act that was signed into law to provide forms of relief for individuals and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 National Emergency. As you’ll hear, Colton drills down to what owner-operators, independent contractors and small business need to know as the CARES Act is implemented.

SBA Loans Available Through CARES Act & What It Could Mean For Owner-Ops, ICs & Small Trucking Businesses

Recorded April 3, Equinox Business Solutions Colton Lawrence discusses the loans and grants that are available through the Small Business Administration as part of the CARES Act, the $2.2-trillion-dollar COVID-19 relief package signed into law in March. As you’ll hear in this podcast, the CARES Act has made $350 billion available in loans and grants to small businesses. Colton provides a number of details in his overview of the SBA programs and how they may be able to assist owner-operators, independent contractors and small trucking businesses.

Radio Replay: Equinox CEO Colton Lawrence Appears as a Guest on Sirius-XM’s Road Dog Live Program

On March 25, Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence was the featured guest on Road Dog Live, which is heard nationally on Sirius-XM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146. Colton joined Sirius-XM host Leah Shaver for entire three-hour show. Leah is also the President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute. During the radio program, Leah and Colton fielded calls from professional drivers asking questions and seeking Colton’s perspective on taxes, business planning and what’s happening in the market today. The impact of the COVID-19 national emergency was among the topics discussed. Equinox Business Solutions would like to thank the executive management and staff of Sirius-XM for the opportunity to share the March 25th edition of the Road Dog Live with our podcast audience.

Our Podcast Archives…

Episode 3: COVID-19 & Possible Impact On Tax Filing Deadlines

In a special edition of the podcast, Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence talks to the PodWheels Network on what’s happening with tax filing deadlines and other considerations in the wake of the COVID-19 National Emergency. PodWheels Executive Producer Greg Thompson interviewed Colton on March 16th. The PodWheels Network and Equinox Business Solutions will continue to monitor this evolving story, providing updates from Colton and Equinox.

Episode 2: Answering Frequently Asked Questions That Come Up During Tax Season

In the second episode of our podcast series, Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence joins PodWheels Network Executive Producer Greg Thompson for a round of frequently asked questions. As you will hear, these are among the FAQs that Colton and his team at Equinox receive during tax season. For those new to the industry, the adjustment to self-employment tax is a topic that Colton and his team are often asked to address. You’ll hear Colton’s perspective on this topic and much more in Episode 2 of the Equinox Business Solutions Podcast Series.

Episode 1: Introducing Our Series & Discussing The Value of Being Proactive On Tax Planning

In this debut edition, Equinox Business Solutions CEO joins PodWheels Network Executive Producer Greg Thompson to provide an overview the Equinox Business Solutions Podcast Series. In addition, Colton and Greg also discuss what owner-operators and independent contractors should be addressing early in the year related to paying estimated taxes and working on preparations for filing their 2019 returns. The risks associated with procrastination on tax-related issues and the advantages for your business in taking a year-long approach to working with your taxes is another key topic addressed in this episode.

Other Podcasts Featuring Equinox Business Solutions

Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence is a respected expert who is sought out for his perspective on the challenges business owners and independent contractors in the trucking industry encounter in the areas of tax, accounting and business advisory. In March of 2020, Colton was asked to serve as a subject-matter expert on the Highway To Hope, the official podcast of the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. Colton was interviewed by Highway To Hope Podcast host Shannon Currier, who is the Director of Philanthropy & Development for the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. Colton addressed strategies for business planning and staying out of debt. He also discussed the best approaches for being prepared for “rainy day” events, like facing large medical bills. The SCF Highway To Hope Podcast is produced by the PodWheels Network. You can listen to Colton’s appearance on the podcast by clicking here.

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