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Taking Steps to Avoid Common Tax Mistakes

What are the most common mistakes that truckers encounter with taxes?Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions President and CEO Colton Lawrence will be exploring this important topic during this episode of the podcast.As you’ll hear, Colton will be reviewing the most common tax mistakes that owner-operators, company drivers and fleet owners often make in preparing for and handling

Are You Ready for the 2020 Tax Season?

As January turns to February and March is not too far behind, we’re entering the part of the calendar that has become known as Tax Season. It’s the time of year when everyone should begin to think about filing their tax returns. In this episode of the podcast, we would like to take some time

Considerations for Choosing a Business Entity

In this podcast episode, Equinox Business Solutions President and CEO Colton Lawrence talks about how to determine whether you should form an LLC or S-Corp and how the business entity you choose impacts your career as an owner-operator.

Valuable Tips For Anyone Looking at Becoming An Owner-Operator

In this podcast episode, Equinox Business Solutions President and CEO Colton Lawrence will be examining the numerous considerations that should be reviewed by anyone thinking about becoming an owner-operator within today’s trucking industry. The list of topics Colton will be covering includes looking at driving over the road vs. a local operation, determining the type

Election Discussion Podcast

During this edition of the podcast, Equinox President & CEO Colton Lawrence makes a non-partisan trip into the political arena by examining how this November’s elections could potentially impact owner-operators, independent contractors and the trucking industry at large. PodWheels Executive Producer Greg Thompson interviewed Colton in late September, just prior to the first Presidential debate.

Government Issues Guidance On PPP

Did your trucking business secure a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as part of the CARES Act that was signed into law in March? If your company was among the trucking businesses that was able to obtain a PPP loan, you will want to hear this edition of the Equinox Business Solutions Podcast.

Examining The COVID-19 Cares Act

The COVID-19 National Emergency has impacted our world, our nation, and the trucking industry in a seemingly countless number of ways. As part of our dedication to service, Equinox Business Solutions is working to help owner-operators, independent contractors, and small trucking businesses in your efforts to navigate these challenging times by studying the financial assistance