About EQUINOX Business Solutions

EQUINOX Business Solutions, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing technology-driven business services firm. EQUINOX started their focus on the transportation industry, with an emphasis in long-haul over-the-road trucking, expedited trucking, the courier market and other important segments. EQUINOX now serves independent contractors in any industry with proven results that only come from knowledge and experience gained from many years of helping their customer achieve their long term business goals. EQUINOX is in business to help the businesses of the nation’s independent contractors who make our transportation system and other industries work.

Working With Us

EQUINOX Business Solutions offers a comprehensive array of business services including bookkeeping, tax, and technology solutions, all which enable EQUINOX’s team of Professional Tax Advisors to help independent contractors manage their business and adapt to changes in their business in real time . EQUINOX is committed to helping customers successfully manage and grow their business and find true independence. EQUINOX’s solutions are proven to increase the success and improve the overall profitability of independent contractors through increased revenue and training. With over 12 years of leading industry experience and working with Independent Contractors across the nation in 48 states, EQUINOX and its people are true business experts.