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Tax Preparation for Truck Drivers and Independent Contractors

EQUINOX Business Solutions are tax and bookkeeping experts. We specialize in helping truckers and independent contractors in tax preparation, bookkeeping and general accounting duties to allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

In 2016 the Federal tax code contained 74,608 pages. We know them all and can help simplify your personal and business taxes. As accounting specialists for truckers and independent contractors, we will ensure you have all your tax information and filings prepared with the latest deductions to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Our trucking tax specialists, healthcare tax specialists, transportation tax specialists – you get the idea; we specialize in helping any independent contractor simplify their accounting and tax preparation at affordable costs.

Where do you fit?

Truck Driver

Equinox has helped thousands of truck drivers with tax and bookkeeping solutions that keep you on the road and provide real time financial reports you can access in your cab. Let the tax experts at Equinox simplify your burden and help you grow your business.

Uber / Lyft Driver

Uber/Lyft drivers have specific accounting needs with tracking mileage and other deductions. Equinox can ensure you don’t overpay on your taxes and accounting with our customized services. Let us show you how simple your accounting and taxes can really be.

Home Care Contractor

Working as an independent home care contractor has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to your business taxes. Let us help you grow your business and provide affordable tax filings and accounting support.

Independent Contractor

All independent contractors have unique tax and bookkeeping requirements. Equinox specializes in the independent contractor. The experts at Equinox can help you create a complete picture of your expenses, revenue and profit to maximize your earning potential.

Latest updates

Tax Reform Equals More Money in Your Pocket

Tax Reform Equals More Money in Your Pocket

The year is quickly coming to an end.  For you Owner Operators and Independent Contractors, the time to settle up with Uncle Sam will be here before you know it.  The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act results in significant changes to tax law.  For most of you,...

Contractor Tax Deductions, Part 2

Contractor Tax Deductions, Part 2

Last month in this space, we discussed five important areas that you can consider as tax write-offs if you’re an independent contractor. These deductions can often make a huge difference for your bottom line come tax season. At Equinox Business Solutions, we’re...

Common Deductions for Owner-Operators

Common Deductions for Owner-Operators

At Equinox Business Solutions, we’re proud to provide detailed tax services for truckers and other independent contractors. One particular group of people who can benefit from various tax breaks in this area are owner-operators. What are owner-operators, and what are...