Business and Tax Reserve Management & Payments

No more surprises. EQUINOX Business Solutions can help you estimate and then plan to pay any and all taxes due with EQUINOX Tax Reserve Management & Payment Services.

EQUINOX can estimate the taxes that will be due, and then set up an account in your name or the name of your business into which you can safely keep money for the day the tax bill is due. And, upon your approval, on the due date Equinox will make the payment on your on your behalf to ensure that all your obligations are met. You will have full access to this account for withdrawals at any time.

Quarterly Tax Payable Services

EQUINOX Business Solutions, upon your request, will cut checks from the funds you have saved in your reserve account and mail them on your behalf to pay your quarterly federal and state income tax. Don’t be caught late and having to pay late fees and other fines. Count on EQUINOX Business Solutions to help you stay in the clear with the IRS.

*An additional fee may apply for quarterly taxes based on the carrier you run for.