Technology Solutions For Bookkeeping

You are an Independent Contractor who is always on the road or away from home. You need a way to connect with your business so that nothing falls through the cracks. EQUINOX Business Solutions makes it easy to stay connected with every aspect of your business, and it doesn’t require hours of your time to get it right. With EQUINOX Business Solutions¬†Professional¬†Tax Advisors helping along the way, getting your business organized in real time is a real possibility.
Real-time Profit & Loss Statements

EQUINOX Business Solutions will create a Profit & Loss Statement for each client in real time, which means it is updated immediately right when each expense is submitted and revenue is earned.

With EQUINOX Business Solutions Technology Solutions, clients can submit receipts from the road from any mobile device, and EQUINOX will update their Profit and Loss Statement in real time, so that clients always know whether they are in the black (profitable) or in the red (loss).

The EQUINOX Mobile Friendly Site

Clients can snap pictures of receipts and upload them to Equinox Business Solutions using the mobile friendly website.

Company Integration

EQUINOX Technology Solutions’ enable EQUINOX to plug right into your company and gather approved operational data, including the miles you’ve run, the MPG your truck is running at, the revenue you’ve earned, and other important data. EQUINOX uses this data to build your real-time Profit & Loss Statement and provide coaching on the your operation right when you need it right when you’re on the road.