Accounting Solutions

Accounting Solutions

How are you doing financially, once you add it all up? Too often, independent contractors do not have the time to itemize every expense and add up all their revenue. As a result, they live month to month. Many do not know if they will be in business for a few short months, or for a few long years.

EQUINOX Business Services offers a full line of accounting services to help make sure independent contractors can run profitably. EQUINOX will make sure your books and financial records are organized and up to date. They will prepare a Profit and Loss Statement and make that Profit and Loss Statement available to you online through EQUINOX’s secure and private portal. Know exactly how you are doing financially today, and how you will be doing tomorrow with EQUINOX’s Accounting Solutions.

Quickly and easily submit your weekly expenses electronically on our mobile friendly website.  E-mail and mailing options are also available.  Equinox will process your submitted deductible receipts and scan, categorize and add them to your monthly Profit and Loss Statement.  This statement can be easily accessed any time.  Contact Equinox Business Solutions today using the Contact Us, and let Equinox show you how to get your business organized.

Never Fear, Personal Business Advisors Are Here. Count On The Help Of Your Own Personal Business Advisor

As an EQUINOX Business Solutions client, you are assigned your own Professional Tax Advisor, or PTA. Your PTA is your personal resource for questions, concerns, or opportunities for how to best run your business. For example, you might have a general question about your Taxes, Business Entity filing or about your Profit and Loss Statement. Your PTA can get them answered. And, if you have specific questions or want to discuss your next business plan, your PTA can offer the one-on-one, in-depth advice that can help you make the right decision.

Never run alone. Call EQUINOX Business Solutions today, and learn for yourself how EQUINOX can grow your business.